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We have 3 dogs available for emotional support animals.
All three are rescues that have been rehabilitated at our St. Helens location.
Please see "Available Dogs" for more information. 
We are aware that there is a current outage with our phone system. We are working with the service provider to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In the mean time our email is being monitored constantly. Please forgive the inconvenience. We have also upgraded our email system to filter messages which contain the reason for the message, such as "Application" with or without attachment, "Question", "Urgent" If you are a client and need have any doubt about a medical situation GO TO YOUR VET. We have a listing of veterinarians on our webpage
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More Than Just a Pet by Ashley Loney interview with Trainer Leslie Weilbacher and Blaise

The mission of Sunstone Service Dogs is to empower individuals experiencing disabilities through the partnering with and training of service dogs, increasing their independence and quality of life.


Sunstone Service Dogs offers a comprehensive two-year training program for clients who wish to be directly involved 
Liberty Golden Retriever Laying on Floor Looking at Camera
in the raising and training of their future service dog. 

While there are some areas that we are not yet able to provide service for we are able to be flexible with our training program in order to assist with a variety of needs.

Raising a Service Dog is not an option for all clients.
Fully trained dogs and custom programs including time with a puppy raiser will be available as puppy raisers are available. 
If you have ever thought about raising a service pup, please contact us for more information.  

Many clients benefit from a custom program in which a puppy raiser trains their dog through the sleepless nights, potty training, socializing, and obtaining basic public access skills. While puppies are very cute, it may be better for your health to let a puppy raiser take the first stages of training.
Golden Retriever Puppy (Betsy) Sitting at attention

Sunstone Service Dogs fosters/rehabilitates puppies/dogs through rescue/shelter or exceptional circumstances of an individual. Once ready for a home we facilitate finding a permanent home or return to the shelter if a suitable screened candidate has been selected.  We do adopt shelter dogs who place well in our screening process. Shelter dogs whom we adopt are kept in the St. Helens Kennel ** Home of the director of training and her two legged family and her 2 cats, cockatoo, personal service dog, program breeder hopeful (program graduate),  and the other dogs currently residing with her. 
Being in a unique situation to acclimate/re-acclimate dogs to life with a family and pack, we are very proud of the assistance we have been able to offer our rescue friends and community. We conduct temperament and health evaluations on every dog regardless of how the dog is acquired.   

Sunstone Service Dogs was founded by individuals experiencing disabilities. 

Our Instructors have learned Service Dog Training through life experience, the help of other experienced Service Dog Trainers, apprenticing with other trainers/programs, extensive reading, and trial and error.

Our program is flexible and requires our client to be flexible as well.

SDIT Murdoch Streaching out on the floor

Sunstone Service Dogs helps our local communities by providing a personalized program for each client.  Our service area is approximately 2 hours drive or less from each client.  If you are more than 2 hours away from Eugene or the Portland Metro area we may be able to help with a fully trained dog. We do require that all clients meet minimum hours of training time (our requirement not state or ADA), as well as a home visit from our to help each client prepare for the arrival of their Service Dog.   

If our program sounds like a good match for your needs here is a link for our application.

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We are in need of:
  • We are always looking for puppy raisers! There are many other Volunteer opportunities available also.
  • Please see our WISH LIST for specific items to donate. 

  • Please help our clients afford the cost of the obtaining, caring for, and training a Service Dog.  The average cost for a puppy is rising! As veterinary care, the cost of dog food, and the cost of living rises so does the cost of well bred dogs! 
  • Clients with pages here for fundraising

We appreciate your support

The links below will take you to a specific email for the type of inquiry. 
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Hours depend on availability
Please see our common Q and A and Service Dog Information Page before contacting.
Applications downloadable on Application page.
or you may email Sunstone's application request mailbox

Please include the age group. Date and time you would like a presentation, and if you need assistance with education on a particular topic.
Are you a place of Public accommodation looking to educate your staff? As always BOLI technical support is the first stop. 
If you would still like a presentation we will do the first one for free if you are inside our service area. 
If you are more than 2 hours away, there will be a charge to help cover transportation for our team.
Public Schools, you also receive these services for free. 


Mailing Address:
77 Red Cedar St.
St. Helens, Oregon 97051
503-987-2297 (Cell, texts accepted,.
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Sunstone Service Dogs will not discriminate against any director, officer, employee, applicant or participant on the basis of, but not limited to: sex, race, color, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, sexual preference, gender identification or national origin.